About Fire Safety Training

BGMEA has undertaken an initiative for RMG sector of Bangladesh with Fire Service & Civil Defense (FSCD) to Prevent Fire in RMG sector. In this case BGMEA selected 35 persons as BGMEA Fire Trainer.

The trainers were trained on Fire Safety by the FSCD in Training Complex, Mipur, Dhaka. The training was divided in two parts; the first part was started from1st October, 2013. After completion of basic training, the second part TOT Training was started at 3rd November, 2013.

The closing ceremony was held 30th October, 2013 attend by Honorable (Ex) Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, President of BGMEA, Director General, Fire Service and Civil Defense, Secretary Ministry of Labour and Employment, Secretary Ministry of Commerce, Program Coordinator of GIZ, Director (Plg.Dev.Trg.) Fire Service & Civil Defense Directorate, Head of Development, CIDA, Canadian High Commission, Senior Design Advisor, Better Work Program (ILO).

The trainers are certified by Fire Service & Civil Defense (FSCD) to impart training on RMG sector. Now BGMEA is providing Three days Fire safety training among the member’s factories from 26th November, 2013.