Publish Date: 2020-03-14
Title: BGMEA on Corona Virus issues
Language: English
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Honorable Members,
Salam. We have already had an emergency Board Meeting day before yesterday (9-Mar-20) and have also had a meeting convened by Principal Secretary calling all secretaries including finance. That was yesterday (10-Mar-20) at Prime Minister Office.
So, all done already.
-Too early to assess any impact.
-Government to give all policy support
-Government to also take into consideration our proposals.
-Amending Bangladesh Bank LC and making back to back payments in accordance to export proceeds.
-Keeping special fund aside for emergency funds.
-Extending credit schemes.
-BGMEA will establish a commercial desk effects of corona virus headed by VP (Finance) which will access and review above issues in time when required.
May Allah be with all of us and help us overcome this global crisis.

Faisal Samad
Senior Vice President BGMEA
On behalf of the President and the Board