Trade Facilitation & Promotion

• Policy advocacy and dialogues for sooth functioning of trade and industries.
• Issue Utilization Declaration (UD) and Utilization Permission (UP) as Entrusted by the Government.
• Lead role in maintaining harmonious industrial relationship.
• Keep members abreast on contemporary global business trend.
• Organizes Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition (BATEXPO) since 1989 and the Chittagong Fabric, Apparel     and Textile Exposition (CAFAXPO) since 2003. 
• Organizes trade missions to explore the new markets and to facilitate trade in existing  markets.
• Organizes seminars for recommending on key policies.
• Takes part in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations.

Human Resources Development

• Follows a unique model in skill development: train the poor people living in the distressed areas, utilizing the idle capacity of Government’s technical training institutes and this address the skill shortage of the industry.
• Job placement program for the people-with-disabilities .
• Undertook program to enhance productivity & quality at factory and worker level.

Watchdogs Workplace Safety & Compliance

• Regularly monitors member factories to check compliance.
• Runs a Social compliance improvement project to improve the compliance standard.
• BGMEA organizes training for the member factories on social and environmental standards.

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)

• Produces technically competent human resource for the garment industry.
• Offers short and long courses in apparel manufacturing, fashion design & technology, and merchandising.
• Has collaborations with the London College of Fashion, UK; Nottingham Trent University, UK; and the Niederrhein University, Germany.

Green & Clean Production

Ensuring green & clean production and conserving the nature & its resources are one of the most priority areas of work for BGMEA. BGMEA has been making relentless efforts to motivate, guide and support its members to become more responsive toward the environment through energy efficient production, sustainable use of natural resources and green building. BGMEA has been running several programs with partners like IFC, SEDF to assist the member factories toward energy efficient and cleaner production.

Healthcare for the workers

• BGMEA recognizes the fundamental rights of the workers, particularly access to healthcare facilities. On this spirit BGMEA runs 12 Health Centers for the garment workers and their families, provide pre – medical services and medicines at free of cost.
• Besides, it run awareness program on HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis, reproductive health and the use of contraceptive devices.
• In addition to this, BGMEA runs a full-fledged hospital for workers in Chittagong.

• Another hospital for workers is under construction at Mirpur in Dhaka.



The CSR initiatives of BGMEA  

BGMEA undertakes a number of regular activities and projects to ensure workers rights, social and environmental compliance and welfare. 

Implementation of the tri-partite agreement among the workers, factory owners and government authorities has achieved a highest success rate, among others, of paying minimum wages, appointment letters and maternity benefit.

• The Group Insurance scheme for the garment workers and staffs has been made mandatory.

• Provides arbitration facilities to the garment workers at free of cost.  

• BGMEA worker fairs annually.  

• Building Code has been made mandatory for all member units.

• Conduct regular fire drills and fire safety training program in member factories.

• BGMEA has started food rationing program for workers in August 2009.

• Runs skill development programs for the garment industry through 34 training centers in different regions of the country.

Better Work Program

The “Better Work Program” with ILO is
underway for its operation in Bangladesh. Expected benefits should include improved reputation of the Bangladesh RMG sector, reduction of audits, unified code of conduct, labor peace; and productivity & quality improvement.


BGMEA operates five schools for the workers children and provides books and study materials at free of cost. BGMEA has been providing stipends to the meritorious children of workers.

BGMEA organized music talent hunt program (GORBO) twice for RMG workers. This program aims to provide the workers a platform where they can discover their talents and make themselves motivated.