34 BGMEA member factories enrolled in Mothers@Work project

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and UNICEF jointly organized a seminar on the Mothers@Work project, an initiative aimed at promoting and upholding the maternity rights of women workers in the garment industry. 

The seminar, held on December 27 at the BGMEA Complex, was attended by 73 mid-level management officials from 34 BGMEA member factories.

The Mothers@Work project, a collaborative effort between BGMEA and UNICEF, seeks to support garment factories to create a safe work environment for working mothers and pregnant women. 

During the seminar, the participants were sensitized to the key objectives and strategies of the Mothers@Work project. 

In the event, the participating factories were enrolled in the Mothers@Work project. 

The Mothers@Work initiative will support enrolled factories in implementing measures such as breastfeeding spaces and breaks, childcare facilities, paid maternity leave, cash benefits, healthcare, and employment protection for both working mothers and pregnant women.

Speaking at the event, Miran Ali, Vice President of BGMEA, underscored the remarkable progress of Bangladesh's apparel industry, particularly in ensuring workplace safety and advocating for workers' rights and well-being. 

He stated that collaborating with UNICEF in implementing Mothers@Work reflects the industry's commitment to enhancing workers' overall well-being.

Neela Hosna Ara, Director in Charge of Health Projects at BGMEA, emphasized the crucial role of the initiative in providing necessary support for working mothers to continue breastfeeding while managing their professional responsibilities. 

She highlighted the importance of this collaborative effort in fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes the needs of women.

Monira Parveen, representing UNICEF, shared insights during the event, emphasizing the collaborative commitment to creating a positive and empowering atmosphere for working mothers within the garment industry.

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