BGMEA’s stance on RSC

1) RSC is founded on the core principle that its governance structure is all inclusive. RSC structure has participation from Brands and Labour representatives, majority of who are overlapping members of Accord. Therefore, there is Accord representation on the RSC board, and Industry is an equal one third in the board, the same as Brand and Labour.

2) The RSC board has formed a committee for including the critical stakeholders in the Advisory Council with a view to include key group of critical stakeholders, Labour-rights NGOs.

3) RSC website is live and under development, without any exception,will mirror all the data that Accord previously shared along with the minutes of the board meeting.

 4) Bangladesh Government has inspection standards and government engineers are ready to engage with RSC on boiler inspections.

 5) RSC has received a number of CSO applications, the preferred candidate pulled out owing to Covid19 pandemic and didn’t want to come to Dhaka. The RSC is working on recruitment and are in negotiation with a leading headhunting form.  A CSO for RSC should be in place by April 2021. Meantime the MD, who has a strong building engineering background is acting as the interim CSO.

6) The deep dive program is an attempt to help factories reach 100% initial findings remediation.

If a factory is offering inspection and is failing during final inspection, then the only way to help them is to look at their individual issues and offer specific remediation.

The job of RSC is to ensure remediation and as an industry, BGMEA remains committed to supporting RSC to the best of its ability.

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