BGMEA President feels happy to visit old age home and share happiness with senior citizens

Usually Faruque Hassan, who leads BGMEA as its President, starts his day with a timetable packed with a flurry of activities like meetings, events and other important tasks. 

But today (April 9, 2023) he kept aside all his busy schedule to pay a visit an old age home, Apon Bhubon, where he spent some time with its residents, listened to their stories and shared happiness together.

“It was really an amazing feeling to meet the senior citizens who dearly long for love and care which they are deprived of as they have to spend a solitary life without family members. Words are not enough to express how it feels to live without one’s family around,” Faruque Hassan said in a note of emotion after visiting the old age home.

During the visit, he made financial contribution to Apon Bhubon for the well-being of the inmates of the old age home and presented them with clothes, foods and other gifts.

Earlier, BGMEA cancelled its scheduled Iftar program for its members, expressing deep shock at the at the fire incident which occurred in Bangabazar recently. 

BGMEA also decided to contribute the amount that was budgeted for the Iftar to the old age home and other social organizations which take care of the underprivileged and destitute people of society.   

“I feel really blessed to visit the senior citizens of the old age home. I got emotional, happy and even sad while spending time with the residents of the old age home. It means a lot for me to spread smile on their faces,” he said.

Faruque Hassan urged all people not to consider their parents as burden rather take care of them at their old days when they need it most.

“Parents bear all the pains and adversities and make a lot of sacrifices for their children to establish them. So it’s a duty of all children to take care of their parents when they need it, especially at their old age,” he said.

Chair of BGMEA Standing Committee on Trade Fair Mohammed Kamal Uddin and Director of Giant Group Sharmeen Hassan Tithi were also present on the occasion.


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